My name is Dan Fritsche and as a professional hockey player I have had the privilege to work with many kids and families that are dealing with pediatric cancer and life threatening illnesses. In my four years with the Columbus Blue Jackets I have had the opportunity to work along side with Nationwide Children's Hospital in their fight against pediatric cancer. This experience was among one of the most rewarding in my life and I have created Hockey's Heroes to allow others to feel even a fraction of the pleasure I have received in helping these kids and their families. I am specifically targeting the hockey community because I am a firm believer that the players, families and fans have some of the biggest hearts in the world of sports. Not only are these people passionate about their careers and their own success in life, they are passionate about others. This foundation is a great opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families who are battling life threatening illnesses. With the support of my brother Tom Fritsche and two best friends, Jac Tomasello and John Goebel, we all understand as hockey players that there are much bigger things then the game itself. This played a big role in the creation of Hockey's Heroes. So with your support of this foundation we will help as many kids and their families as much as possible to get through tougher times than any hockey player can ever endure on or off the ice.